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Calgary BV Sting present laces to their SC Competitors

U 10 Bowview Sting is excited to learn about Friends First while playing a game. They learn about the value of supporting and uniting with their teammates. The pictures show that along with sharing what they learned with their competitors they also enjoy a surprise post game cheer with U16AA Pursuit 
Anna Bourgeois has been playing ringette for nine years and one of the most rewarding experiences for her throughout , has been mentoring the BV Sting both on and off the ice . Thank you to their head coach Darren Sharpe for supporting the Friends First initiative .  

N.W. Calgary U10 Los Pollos Locos Crazy 
(Crazy Chickens) 
make some cards for Meals on Wheels to let them know that 
“someone cares and is hoping that this card makes you smile”

Calgary NW U12A Nightmare are our Little Ambassadors that brought Friends First to an exhibition game vrs St Albert Shock they handed out Red Laces and Introduced their new Friends to the initiative.  Next stop is Kingston ON in June to continue Finding Kind and being Friends First 


Manitoba Ringette Hosts Finding Kind

The Friends First has now spread clear accross Canada. 
Manitoba will be showing a screening of Finding Kind on 
Dec 13th 3pm- 5:30 - more information here
Dec 14th 10:30-1pm - more information here
Check out some pictures from these events our great new friends in Manitoba have hosted in our Friends & Events section. 

At 2014 Provincials & Global Calgary News - click here
Central Alberta Sting continue to be amazing ambassadors of our program bringing Friends First to Europe on a recent spring trip. Find out all about it in the Friends & Events section of our site

Central Alberta Sting Join Calgary AA as Friends First

Picture A red lace worn on the right foot is the symbol of this campaign and reminds athletes to strive hard in all of their competitions, but remain “Friends First” with everyone in their sporting community.  Central Alberta Sting joins the Sisterhood.

The Video that Started the Movement

Ringette Alberta incorporate Friends First in the RAB Cup Challenge 2014. 
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